Your garden near the sea?

Your garden near the sea?

Good morning, plant lovers, today we would love to advise you on how to care for a garden which is near a beach area.. in this way it will always remain beautiful and beautiful.

Your garden, mine, the neighbor's … each one of them is different from the other … properties, characteristics, different plants and different locations. Remember that the garden will be greatly influenced by the place where you live, so here are some tips if your situation is close to the sea.

If you want some recommendations, suggestions, tips … you consider the geographical area where you are and so we will be choosing the plants, flowers, shrubs and trees more resistant to this type of climate.

Knowing all this we do not have to die trying to have a decent garden, plants and trees will develop perfectly.

With proper care we will have a luxury garden, in this way he thinks that saltpeter … that is, sea salt is one of the great inconveniences. The saltpeter is deposited in the plants and in the ground, in addition if we have strong air the sand of the beach will also affect the garden.

For them the plants, shrubs and trees we choose should be resistant … so that in the future we have a beautiful garden. For this type of areas we should choose a sandy ground, in this way the sea salt will not accumulate on the earth in the same way … the life of your plants is in danger, while the saltpeter forms a layer or crust on them.

Finally, if you want to grow potted plants because you have a terrace, a patio or want to do it for your interior decoration, remember to also add sandy soil.

Something we can buy is a special preparation for plants, this is sold in any store specializing in gardening things.

These preparations prevent your plants from collapsing and make it much easier for water to penetrate, and the wind will not affect them so much. We hope we have helped you!

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