Your garden, your paradise – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Your garden can become your true paradise, a place where you can relax and find the desired peace after a long working day.

A garden that is well arranged gives you a beautiful view of the rest of the house. The garden should have a careful design taking into account privacy, relaxation and fun. We will give you some tips that can be taken into account regardless of the size and amount of money available.

It is important that different materials of nature are agreed in your garden. You can help yourself with small stones, wood and plants, these accessories can not be missing in any garden or outdoor environment. Recycled pallets can be a good alternative for outdoor environments, always remember to treat them against external agents so they have greater durability.

You may mix old things with new things, Rustic materials with some more refined and do not deprive yourself of giving color. Flirty flower pots with cheerful flowers will give a special and original touch.

Keep in mind that the garden should be a place where relaxation is achieved, so you should not saturate it with plants, furniture or accessories. Leave spaces to avoid a disturbing and stressful space.

In the almost that your garden is small you should avoid a very large furniture setIt will be enough with a board game and some chairs. You can combine different styles and decorate them with colorful pillows.

Combining the colors correctly will help to achieve the ideal environment. An excellent combination for the garden can be orange with gray, allowing the environment to look elegant but full of energy and at some point a fun place. The most intense colors should only occupy a small space in the wall, the rest can be subtle tones. The plants that are close to the clear ones look great.

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