Your Gardening and Decoration Blog

Your Gardening and Decoration Blog

Good morning friends! Today we would love to introduce you to this new blog –Decoration and Gardens– … where, as the name implies, we will find lovely decorative solutions for our home and yard.

Do you know your plants? If you have a terrace, a garden, a patio or simply have indoor plants, from here we will help you understand your flowers and plants, so that the mimes and look better than ever.

With us you will learn what they are, how those of bulbous origin reproduce, adequate irrigation, basic care for your garden, planting, pruning … we will show you the best fertilizers and fertilizers or how to make your own homemade fertilizer.

In this blog you will find a space where you can learn in the simplest way, learn what are the basic gardening tools, why your plants get malitas and their treatments.

You have a orchard? If so in Gardening and Decor– We want this to give you the best possible results, so we have a section where we will explain how to prepare the orchard to plant, harvest, we will talk about vegetables and much more!

Do not miss our section of tricks and tips where we will explain small ideas and suggestions that can serve as inspiration to carry them out in our home.

The implementation of green in our homes is undoubtedly one of the best choices. When we talk about decoration in gardening, we talk about the best lighting for your garden, we will recommend the best accessories for decor of the garden.

Remember that in the small details there is the question to enrich a good decoration, so from here it will be a pleasure to talk about garden design, a little ecology will not hurt either … but we will also talk about indoor plants and how to decorate with them.

Finally, do not miss our Fairs and events section or the Flora in the world … get to know some fabulous curiosities or learn with the videos that will gradually be entering its corresponding section.

So you already know! If decoration is your thing, if you feel like making the most of your plants and your garden, do not miss the spaces that this blog will provide daily!

-Garden who falls in love with a rose, is a slave of a thousand thorns-

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