Your Home Garden - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Your Home Garden – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we will love you to look for a great place in your home, to create an orchard.

If you have always wanted to have a small garden and you have no space, today we offer you some spectacular ideas so you can fulfill this little dream.

Instead of the use of flowers, it is very common and increasingly plant vegetables or herbs inside the home. A custom with which we would guarantee healthy and natural food spices for the whole family.

In addition to providing food during the year, this little corner will brighten the house because it plays a very important decorative role.

Plant some vegetables such as radishes, pumpkins, tomatoes … this is easy to achieve inside our home .. look for a quiet corner that is usually lit. well near a window. In this place we will cultivate what we like most … we can even separate the different crops through pots.

Something very simple for those who enter this world, we comment that you have patience and look very well at the cycles of each variety of vegetables that we have planted.

Another of the things we must do will be to find the right place to place this beautiful urban garden inside our home .. although, if you have room outside, such as a small patio .. or a terrace or a balcony .. even a good window sunny .. here we can make the garden.

Now we only need a substrate, better than soil .. this will guarantee the crop a very nutrient-rich surface and, in addition, it keeps the humidity.

Pay about twice a year and this will help your plants keep the compost properties intact, so we will have a very juicy and tasty harvest.

Irrigation is very important, remember that in hot times, like summer, we must water more often … between two and three times a day … everything will depend on how the sun hits the plant.

At the time of sowing some more rope we can do it both by seeds, as by cuttings … and in any case prevents the plant from drowning due to excess water.

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