Your own green space - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Your own green space – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, today in Decoration and Gardens we want to propose the realization of your own green space. If you don't have a garden but you have a great terrace or balcony, you can always make yourself a natural and green decoration!

Why not create it? It does not need to be very large, just fit a couple of chairs and a small table. We can change the ground and cover it with artificial grass .. yesterday we were just talking about this topic.

It is very simple to put on and does not give anything to do, easy to maintain and beautiful .. it looks like real grass! For outdoor areas it is fabulous and more when we want to recreate spaces of this type within a terrace.

It depends on the thickness we want, it will cost us more or less cheap .. but the subway is usually not very expensive and, as we say, it is very easy to install.

If you like the idea, we will move on to the next one … for example we now have a tendency to recycle … so we can choose a pallet that is no longer used, clean it well and use it as a method to divide the space.

We can put it on the ground, so we will give height to the plants … because if we want to put a small garden inside the balcony or terrace … what can not be missing are the plants. On the pallet it locates a beautiful wooden box, like the fruit ls and in them we will put the pots .. those that fit.

The bottom of the box has been lined with artificial grass as well, so it will be much better. To complete the corner add a beautiful wooden stool and on top we put two more pots … we can also put them hanging from the ceiling …

If we do not fit a table and two chairs, we can always put some pillows on the floor, pouf .. sillout type .. we can even put a hammock if it fits us ..

Finally remember the importance of lighting, for this we can put some sconces in the form of lanterns or candles .. will give a very intimate and personal air.

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