Zen Garden - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Zen Garden – Ideas for gardens and decoration

In today's space, we will talk about the Zen garden and some criteria and guidelines to follow, to know how to build one. Think that this type of gardens are known as an instrument to achieve the correct perception of reality.

A Zen garden It is not made to walk, as we can do in the park or other gardens, Zen is made to be admired from outside, without stepping on it.

Remember that these types of gardens are especially useful for meditation, sensations, colors and textures have much to do to accomplish this task.

The Zen garden is sober, abstract and asymmetrical as nature. Man must seek harmony within himself and this can be through these gardens that help us to meditate, reaching peace.

When you go to create a garden of this type, the first thing will be to create an outline of it .. outline your ideas on paper! For example, if you are going to make use of large rocks, let's try to think where we want them … they don't move so easily.

The small streams of water or without it, are much easier to perform when the garden is not finished yet, these things must be fixed before starting with the cultivation of plants that, on the other hand, those chosen for this type of gardens They prefer a rather low acid soil.

The appropriate plants to use and cultivate, within the Zen garden, are: bamboo is essential for us, but it contains the root system in a large pot or plastic tank, bottomless and well buried.

If you have sunny corners you can choose the standing azaleas or perhaps a beautiful red Japanese maple .. these have leaves with fine nerves and will be perfect if we put it near the water.

Korean fir or ornamental Prunus are Japanese decorative dressings that will be perfect in the garden. The first grows in the form of a column, while the second blooms in winter and also in spring. The magnolias will be perfect to give atmosphere to our garden.

For your corners with shadows we can always put ferns an odd number, so we will get more attention. Remember that in the garden there will never be different hosta vareities.

Remember that we should opt for plants that do not require care or few of them, because a Zen garden is for meditation and not for walking.

The important raked gravel symbolizes the waves of the surface of a lake. As we have said, maples are very chosen because when the leaves change color during the fall, this serves as a stimulus for meditation.

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